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Bridgette is damn proud of her huge titties, after all not every bitch can boast about sporting a 32 G rack!! Yes, it’s fucking unbelievable…until you actually see them. Bridgette loses her bra and that’s when Billy shows up and clamps his mouth all over those juicy big tits. She chokes on his fat cock and lets him titty-fuck her . Spreading her thighs apart, Billy slams his hard cock up her pussy and bounces that ass up and down on the couch before tagging that bitch in missionary and dumping his jizz all over her fine-ass tits!

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Some big breasted chicks have a sixth sense about them. When a well-hung guy is close by, it’s like their internal “big-cock radar” and they can’t resist the temptation! See the hottest chicks in the game get picked up off the street before getting their tight pussies pounded by huge cocks!

Adult videos for Ipods

Great news, guys! I have re-edited all my movies in my members area in order to add a new format capable to be played on the iPod and any other MP4 compatible pod player. From now on you can choose to watch or download my movies in the typical WMV format or you can download them and add them to your iPod, so that you can watch my movies anywhere, any time. No more need to sit in front of your computer in order to see Sabrina giving head, being fucked up the ass or swallowing cum! Put me on your iPod and get off at work, on holydays, on a plane (ahahah)…
Here i have added a little sample in both WMV and MP4 formats, so that you can test it and check the quality.

Sabrina Deep throat
MP4/iPod Sample WMV Preview

Got Caught fucking in Public

We finally had a warm day in the park and I was not going to miss it! I dragged my husband for a walk outdoors through the parks around our house. Now I know you are probably thinking this is going to end up with me in some bush fucking some guy and I think my husband hoped for the same. I hate to disappoint but it did not quite work out like that lol. we found a quite area with a large rock where we could sit. I was wearing no panties so I laid the hubby out and sat on his face not to comfortable for him but what did I care…I was getting my pussy licked outside and in public . A couple came into the area and if they noticed us they were pretending they did not.

They were young and flirting and once they got close enough to us to be sure of what we were doing they also started rubbing and kissing each other. Being watched by strangers is sooo exciting I spun around and took my husband’s swollen dick down my throat to show off my deep throating skills. I dramatically pumped and gagged, I took him all and licked his balls holding his cock down my throat for as long as I could. Inspired, the other girl got on her knee to give her man a blow job and he looked well pleased. As I watched them watching me I became super excited…I had a surge through my clit and I had deposited a large load of wet pussy cum all over my husbands tongue and in mouth, which he lapped up as I wiggled and screamed on top of him.

Then comes the old man with the dog! roflmao! I saw him first and tried to get up, but i was not quick enough because he noticed all of us and started screaming something. Everyone else jumped into action pulling up pants and shoving tits into bras before we all ran off (sadly not together). I only stopped once I could no longer hear his screams and I started to laugh and laugh and tease the hubby cause out of the four of us I was the only one who got to cum ahahah

outdoor sex

Flashing in public

Wow, is what i have to say about this AIP. Felony didn’t hold back from the first frame to the last. She was walking around the streets, flashing people and every once in a while she was pleasuring TJ. There wasn’t one set place for the sex it was everywhere possible. This is on “HOT” AIP.
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Sabrina Deep does triple penetration

Sabrina sure does know how to handle the cock! she takes on 3 at once like a pro, actually Sabrina isn’t happy unless her holes are filled with, big, hard,throbbing cock!

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tripple penetration


Bukkake Season

bukkake queen It is bukkake time again! I am travelling Europe and the United States, theese days, and meeting a lot of fans, all eager to fuck me and shoot their loads on me. I am visiting London, Budapest, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other beautiful cities and i am making a lot of new cum friends.

But it is not all about bukkake! In some parties plans go wrong and the guys opt for drilling my holes before unloading their fleshy pistols on my face and in my mouth. Last week, for example, six of fifty brave guys have improvised a little gangbang within the bukkake party and they have taken so much control of the situation that i have ended up performing my first ever filmed triple penetration scene. In the meantime the rest of the guys were keeping cumshooting on me and inside me: one of the best parties i remember!


Gangbang Queen

gangbang queen All of my fans know that if there is one thing I really enjoy, its being gangbanged by as many hard and horny guys as can fit in the room. Just the thought of all those stiff and ready cocks waiting to slip into all my holes, it makes me wet just thinking about it. My favorite is when I have one dick in my tight asshole and another one in my pussy, and then one in each hand and one in my mouth! Do you think that makes me a gangbang queen?

Whats really exciting for me is right at the beginning, when Im there and Im naked and the horniness is starting to build up inside me, and my pussy starts getting hot and wet! Its a real trip to see all these horny guys with their big stiff dicks all standing there, waiting to stick them in one or another of my holes! And when one stud fucks me and fills me with a load of his hot cum, and then the next horny guy moves in and crams his dick in the same hole the other guy just left...That is so awesome! My gangbang and bukkake parties are two of the highlights of my life, and its always hard to wait until the next date comes along. I so much love my fans, and I so much love to FUCK my fans. Have I ever fucked you? Because, you know, all you have to do is ask! Just let me know if you want to take the chance, and you might end up inside me!


Anal is Awsome

amateur anal fuck Wanna know something really naughty about me? I love the feeling of a fans hard dick sliding into my tight asshole. Sure it hurts a little bit to start with, like when he first pushes the head in, but if you know me then you know that I dont have a problem with a little bit of pain. But after the pain it just feels so good, and its even better if the guy can reach around me, like if hes fucking me from behind, and play with my hot pussy or massage my clit a little while hes pounding into me. Guess what! Im getting horny just talking about it, and I think I can feel some wetness starting to soak through my panties! Let me check...oh yeah, there it is!

If you have already read some of the other stuff I have written about and told my fans about, then you might have an idea about how much I love cocks--that might be big huge cocks, smaller cocks, cocks of all shapes and sizes and colors, and especially cocks with nice big swollen heads! But for when I do some hot anal, I think I prefer a cock thats not completely enormous, for obvious reasons! It seems like a more medium size dick can slide in and out faster, and I really like that! Oh, and when a horny fan is fucking me in the ass in the doggie position and his balls are swinging and bouncing against my clit, oh that really gets me off! Well, I guess that gives you a little "heads up" (wink, wink!) on some of my thoughts on how much I love some hot anal sex, and I better be off for now--a horny fan is waiting for his turn for some personal attention from me! Be good, and be good at it, whatever it is! Kisses, Sab...


Pornstar Releases Her Phone Number

sabrina deep

Sabrina Deep, fan favorite adult star known for privileging the general public over professional actors in her performances, raises the bar of reality porn releasing her phone number to the public.

Though Deep will not stop performing with professional actors, this move clearly opens new scenarios in the whole adult industry and their raising attention towards giving the fans a more active role in their favorite models career.

"This was planned since the beginning of my career, but first i had to fight the common and yet wrong idea that making the fans part of the action labels you as an amateur," Deep said. "Now that many performers and producers are slowly understanding that the future of a content-inflated industry resides in giving the general public more options to interact with their favorite stars i have decided to raise the bar and to treat my fans as i would treat my friends: i have always answered every email and every message personally and i have met thousands of fans whom i have performed with," Deep continues. "but there is not a stronger way to show your dedication for the fans than giving them your personal phone number."

Deep private phone number is available to all her website members where her fans can also find an up to date schedule of all her incoming trips around the world. Her phone number is not a premium number, but just a regular landline number which can be called at standard rates and which forwards the call to Sabrina allowing her to answer also when she is in a different location.


Some Cocks Make Me Gag

gagging on cock

Hey, guys! Im back again to share a little more of myself with you. As much as I love my job, if you can call all the fun I have "work", I also look forward to the end of the day when I can sit and relax and share things with my fans, and tonight I thought I might talk about an experience I had yesterday. We were at a shoot that we had planned to put on the website as a simple hardcore blowjob shoot, but while I had my lips wrapped around this huge thick cock the guy got a little excited and he rammed that dick so far into my mouth, it started going down my throat and I couldnt help but gag on it! It didnt bother me at all--I loved it! And I know he loved it, too, because it wasnt long before he unloaded a HUGE gush of hot cum in my mouth!

For me, having a cock in my mouth and down my throat is a major, major turn on, and then having the guy so horny and excited that he pushes that big dick so far that it makes me gag is even better. I think that every girl should give her guy as much great head as she can, and she should always try to deepthroat his dick as far as she can go and she should try to get down so far she gags. He will love it--dont you? Sure you do! In my hot "sex"periences with fucking my fans and deepthroating their rock hard cocks, there have been tons of times I had to gag because they were down my throat so far that it felt like they were in my stomach, and I loved it and my pussy would get so wet every time! The next time your hot chick is giving you a wet, sloppy blowjob, try to force her head down just a little bit farther and see how far down her throat you can go before she starts to gag! And if she has a problem with that, then you go on and tell her "But Sabrina likes it!" Good luck, lover! Sab xoxoxo


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Sandy was wearing only some nice nylon stockings, a thong and a Santa hat as she woke up Christmas morning. She wanted a hot gift and couldn't wait for the guy she asked to show up and give it to her so she took off her panties and started rubbing her beaver. She got herself wet then when he walked in she took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked it like it was a candy cane. She sucked him deep and got him hard so she stroked his cock and played with his balls. She deepthroated then finally got her present when he unloaded some jizz all over her glasses.

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A jailhouse is where this scene takes place as inmate Rebecca offers her guard a striptease in exchange for a sip of his beer. Soon, this inmate is completely naked, but she gets her sip and even a little extra. Rebecca gets a whole beer and her pussy eaten by this guard and then she gives him a rim job. She slurps all over his knob and then bends over for some hard doggystyle action. She loves his meaty member penetrating deep into her. They switch into many different positions in the cell and this girl is loving every inch of his cock inside of her. Every position is worked until he is good to blow his load in her face.

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Cherry Lane is a therapist that had her client on the couch and he was explaining what his problems were. The good doctor said she thought what he really needed was to drop a load so she rubbed his cock, pulled it out of his shorts and started sucking his cock. She got him rock hard then laid down on the therapy bed and let him put the wood to her. He fucked her well educated pussy like there was no tomorrow and took out all the frustration of his life on her wet slice. He kept pounding her until he felt good, was relaxed and had forgotten all of his problems.

A Meter Maid Uses Sex To Her Advantage

Nikki is a meter maid who is writing a guy a ticket on his car for parking illegally. He tells her that he's a photographer from Vegas and he is looking for new talent. Nikki admits that she would love to get out of the meter maid profession and is curious about getting into the modeling business. She offers to rip up his parking ticket if he takes some free photos of her and he agrees. So they go back to his hotel room and she has more than modeling pictures in mind. She seduces him into fucking her and so then she gets busy sucking him off. He quickly fucks his way out of a ticket and then cums all over her glasses.

Sophisticated Business Woman In Sexy Striptease

Alesha looks fabulous in her neatly pressed suit and sophisticated glasses, but don't confuse her for a prude. She slowly strips down to reveal her black lace bra and panties. As she slithers out of them, this girl pets and plays with her pussy and crawls around sensually on the bed. She bends over and spreads her ass cheeks wide open and we can see her tight twat and asshole. Her neatly trimmed triangle is one that even she can't really keep her hands off. She fondles her body and slithers around in such an erotic way that you will wonder how anyone ever thought that women in glasses weren't sexy. Whoever said that didn't know Alesha.