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Flashing in public

Wow, is what i have to say about this AIP. Felony didn’t hold back from the first frame to the last. She was walking around the streets, flashing people and every once in a while she was pleasuring TJ. There wasn’t one set place for the sex it was everywhere possible. This is on “HOT” AIP.
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Threesomes And Dykes

lesbian sexLast night was bonfire night in little Britain and that means everyone was crowding together in the freezing cold to watch bone fires and fireworks go off. Not my kind of party but I went along to a friends house any ways. As I choose a spot on her roof, some guy I just met started hitting on me. I could not blame him and he was cute so I told him if he wanted me he would have to talk to my husband and he disappeared. I did not think anymore of him, so imagine my surprise when my hubby led me to the master bedroom a few minutes later. The room was pitch black and I was immediately enjoying the touch and kisses of two people. I am thinking that it is my friend from the roof and my husband, right? WRONG!!

It was the boy and his girlfriend! My pussy gushed when my fingers located another wet pussy where I expected a cock to be. I do not care if she had a boyfriend: she was all lesbian with me, licking and biting my swollen clit she found my G-spot as soon as she slipped her four fingers inside of me. I was flushed and although I was sucking a cock (I could never be sure exactly whose it was), I wanted to get my mouth into the wet cunt below me. I brought my tongue to her clit completing the 69 and causing waves of sticky girl cream to cover both our faces. Our screams and moans were hidden from our fellow guests by the fire works but we had to end it with the guys shooting their hot loads over our naked bodies after only 40 minutes to avoid being caught by everyone. An orgy and a quickie!! I can barely believe I am combining those words but that is what happened lol. I just hope my hubby got their phone numbers.