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World’s Largest Webcam Gangbang

sabrina deepOn September 8th 2007, Sabrina Deep will break the record for the WORLDS LARGEST GANGBANG ever broadcast live on webcam as a celebration of her birthday which falls 3 days later, on September 11th.

Sabrina Deep Productions announces that the event will feature at least 80 men banging Deep in an 8 hours time-frame and that the whole plot will be broadcast live on webcam, no-stop, to all her website members, her affiliates and a few media representatives.

"The peculiarity of this event is that the men will not be given any time-limits to fuck me, like it happens in the world largest gangbang events," Deep said in a statement: "if they can last for 8 hours, they can fuck me for 8 hours, they can have repeated orgasms and they can fuck any of my holes."

"It's not about numbers, it's about quality, for me!" Deep continues. "It's a present i wanted to give to myself and to my fans to celebrate my birthday and one year of activity and all i expect it is to orgasm and to squirt for the whole event. In 3 words: i hate lube."

Being one of the few adult models who date their fans, Deep sent all her current site members an automatic invite to the event which will be held in London, UK. All the guys taking part to the event are blood-tested and they will be supplied condoms as well.

Sabrina Deep ( also announced that the event will as well be filmed and a DVD set with the whole 8 hours action will be released, uncut, later this year. The movie will be also made available online for streaming pay-per-view, rental and download simultaneously with the street date. Deep said that the company is currently in negotiations with distributors and is still entertaining offers.

A limited amount of DVD sets, will be given away for free, shipping included, to all Deep's website members who request one in her members area by September 8th 2007.

The event will be the largest gangbang ever broadcast live on webcam and the longest adult webcam show ever held by a solo girl. The guys will show up in waves of 10 per hour and they will be allowed to repeat their performances as many times as they want. "I don't know what the guys will want me to do," Deep says. "But being a nympho and a cumaholic i know for sure what i'm going to take from them."

Deep debuted as an adult model in August 2006 and immediately gained popularity due to her 6 foot tall slim silhouette and natural DD breasts, to her deep-throating performances and to her attitude for dating her fans.

More information about the event can be found at the OFFICIAL GANGBANG EVENT PAGE

Holidays And Sex

deep throating a cockHey hornies! I am on holiday, on the sea getting tanned and having sex. It's just marvellous!! I am getting laid a few times every day and i am sucking so much cock that my face muscles hurt ahahah. Anyway, here i have attached another picture and another little video from my bukkake gangbang of few days ago, when 8 men abused my face and covered and filled me with loads of sperm lol You can tell from the picture that they literally fucked my mouth as if it was a pussy and they stick their dicks deep down my throat, with no mercy. I also wanted to tell you that i am arranging a bigger gangbang with all my website members who want to participate, for August; basically i want to be banged by you! Fucked up my ass, my cunt drilled, my throat punded etc...just apply inside my members area and i will contact you back.

Don't forget that i will be back from my holidays the 29th of July! I am shooting a lot of new naughty stuff, from my vacation and i am sure that you will love it! Soon after my return there will be a looong webcam show with a slutty surprise, just to become intimate together again. Well, now i have to leave you because it is really hot here and i want to go and flash my titties on the beach and have a swim...with a little bit of luck i will find some fresh meat for my evening needs eheheh Don't forget to


Double Penetration In The Shower

double fucked in the showerYesterday i've got a nice surprise from my husband. I was taking a shower, when i heard him coming home, back from his job. I shouted HI!, but i didn't get an answer, so, i thought he just didn't hear me. I kept relaxing, pampered by the hot water pouring from the shower, when suddenly hubby entered the room with his camcorder and started filming me, without saying a word. I got a bit upset because i din't get a hug or a word, but my vent lasted really a few seconds...In fact it turned into big joy when i saw two naked men coming into the bathroom, with their huge stiff cocks held in their hand, approaching me in no time and starting to touch my body, squeeze my soapy boobs and inserting their fingers in my ass and pussy.

Oooohh...that was a blast! A rush of blood to my cunt made me sticky wet inside and my nipples got big and stiff like nails. I went on my kness, with the shower still on, and started to suck those big cocks, now in turns, now sticking them both in my mouth. One of the guys went behind me and pushed his monster dick straight up my wet ass and drilled it furiously, while the other kept fucking my face. After a while they dragged me out of the shower and made me sit doggy over one of them, who started fucking my pussy, while the other from behind pushed his cock up my ass again. I was trapped between the two pigs and all i could do it was just moaning and orgasming like a mare, when they both came up me at the same time. Now i have an amazingly hot video to show you and to share this intimate, slutty moment with you and you won't miss it!