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Why Are Facials So Hot?

amateur cum facial This morning I was sitting in my favorite little coffeeshop right down the avenue from my home talking to my friend Leslie, and we weren't really even talking about the porn biz when out of the blue she asked me "Sab, why do you seem to like it when a know...does IT in your face?" That immediately gave me the foundation for todays blog for my loyal fans: WHY ARE FACIALS SO HOT? Simple answer: Because its so naughty! You know how much I love cock and also how much I love pussy, and now Im telling you that my third favorite thing is having a big hot load of a lucky fans cum sprayed right in my face! My mouth is good too, especially when most of it goes down my throat but a little hits me on the lips and nose, but a full-on facial load is even better.

At any shoot or at any party where I get the honor of fucking my fans and taking their cum, I always hope that everyone wants to fire off in my face. Dont get me wrong, guys, I love your cum anywhere on me or in me and I hope you know that by now!:-) But I love it best when you hold back and hold back until you just cant hold back anymore, and you aim your stiff cannon right at my kisser and cover my face and even my eyelids with your baby-juice! Ha, Ha, I heard that today for the first time from my friend and I told her I would use it on our blog (mine and yours) and see what you thought about it! But anyway, yes fellas, when I finally get the opportunity to fuck you, and yes, I mean YOU, if you dont mind, would you shoot that load in my face? If you want to make me the happiest, horniest girl on Earth, just say YES! Be good, and dream of me! Sabrina


Drilled Cunt

drilled cunt Hi boys! I just came back from New York, where my date from my World Bukkake Tour turned into a wild and sticky gangbang. Fourteen horny bulls used my holes as they pleased and they didn't spare a thing. I found myself lost in a vortex of lust for more than two hours with cocks and hands and tongues using every cm of my shivering body.

I ended up taking double penetration, double vaginal penetration and a lot of ass punding and all with a twist. The guys kept coming inside my holes and passing the witness to the next one who kept fucking my holes filled with cum and cumming more inside me and so on. In the video you can see me squirting sperm from my ass and pussy while they get fucked and the result is as horny as when i was doing it eheheh Well, enjoy the video and until the next time.