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I Squirted Ice-cold

ice dildo up my cunt A fan of mine requested a show with an ice dildo. My first reaction was Yes!!! (I am so willing to please) but then I started to have reservations about shoving something so cold deep into the warmest part of my body. After rolling it around my brain for a day or two I remembered my motto to try everything twice so I made my dildos, freezing a condom filled with water and set a date for the show.

He suggested that I start by giving my clit a good rub with it to get me stimulated; the crazy crazy coldness made my clit plump and my pussy contract...kind of like my nipples reaction to a drop in temperature. I was so tight I felt like a virgin all over again rofl! The ice melted against the warmth of my clit and lips and I could feel the cold drips warm up as they slid down towards my holes.

There were so many sensations at once. With my clit swollen hard and a bit numb I plunged the dildo into my tight pussy and I scream with both pleasure and shock!. I did not want to stop thrusting it in and out, the melting water and my own juices mixed together and I was wetter then ever as I fucked myself. The tightness of my cunt pushed my g-spot down hard on the ice and I was soon quivering with an intense orgasm. I would like to try it again one day, perhaps sitting on the beach during a heat wave as a means of cooling myself. SMACK! SMACK!!


Threesomes And Dykes

lesbian sexLast night was bonfire night in little Britain and that means everyone was crowding together in the freezing cold to watch bone fires and fireworks go off. Not my kind of party but I went along to a friends house any ways. As I choose a spot on her roof, some guy I just met started hitting on me. I could not blame him and he was cute so I told him if he wanted me he would have to talk to my husband and he disappeared. I did not think anymore of him, so imagine my surprise when my hubby led me to the master bedroom a few minutes later. The room was pitch black and I was immediately enjoying the touch and kisses of two people. I am thinking that it is my friend from the roof and my husband, right? WRONG!!

It was the boy and his girlfriend! My pussy gushed when my fingers located another wet pussy where I expected a cock to be. I do not care if she had a boyfriend: she was all lesbian with me, licking and biting my swollen clit she found my G-spot as soon as she slipped her four fingers inside of me. I was flushed and although I was sucking a cock (I could never be sure exactly whose it was), I wanted to get my mouth into the wet cunt below me. I brought my tongue to her clit completing the 69 and causing waves of sticky girl cream to cover both our faces. Our screams and moans were hidden from our fellow guests by the fire works but we had to end it with the guys shooting their hot loads over our naked bodies after only 40 minutes to avoid being caught by everyone. An orgy and a quickie!! I can barely believe I am combining those words but that is what happened lol. I just hope my hubby got their phone numbers.


Reading Porn And Squirting

SquirtaholicI have a nice collection of porn magazines, at home. I'm a nympho and need to get laid all the time, you know, so, reading some porn, at times, can do me really good eheheh It's not that i need it to get turned on, but rather to make my fingering action wilder and faster, i would say. It is horny to see so many different cocks filling holes and pumping like crazy in just few pages and this afternoon i decided to have a peep at it ;-) While reading it, i started touching my titties, taking special care of my nipples, squeezing them, sucking them and making them wet with my saliva.

Well, the result is that i got wet like crazy and my cunt went in flames, screaming for being rubbed from the inside and being pumped wildly. So, i took my dildo and stuck it up my cunt in one go: i was so wet that i hardly needed any effort to do that! If you look at the picture and the video, you can see that the dilso i used is one with balls...well, i started pushing so hard, that i was close to lose it all inside my pussy, a few times lol. It didn't last long until i felt a hot rush of blood blowing my head and stricking my pussay back and i released that heavy feeling of oppression with an intense, long lasting orgasm, accompanied by a violent squirt of cum which reached the camera and blurred the lens ahahah!

You must see that, and you can! Simply get instant access to my members area and you will be able to see the words above becoming hi-res images in movement. And if you wear 3D glasses, you might even feel like i'm squirting right in your face lol