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Eat My Cunt, While I am Working!

craving for cockHello my fellow hornies! I have been so busy lately and with the amount of sex I require in a day I have to have excellent time management skills. For instance right now I am multi-tasking as I write this blog I have also positioned my husband under my desk for licking me. This seemed like a great way to get things done but the more my clit becomes swollen and hard the poorer my typing becomes (you will forgive me i hope eheheh). I have told him to finger me and I have my body positioned for him to take advantage of my wet pussy.

Mmm, he knows my G-spot well and he knows how to push my cunt to the edge, but I cannot squirt yet cause I am not done with my blog, yet. Normally at this point I would turn around for a 69...nothing like gagging on cock to really release my juices...and I know he wants it cause I can see him stroking his cock with his other hand. This time though I am going to cum and then I will let him cum on me; I know he will be on my face which is perfect cause then I can swallow the cum as it drips down into my mouth. I am so close, I think I have got to cum. Something has got to end and its going to be this blog, but don't worry because my camcorder is on and i am recording every little bit of action.


Sex Dreams, Dirty Slut

dirty slutEarly morning blow jobs are the best. I love to wake up first and find a rock hard cock waiting for me to just hop on! This morning I said good morning with a throat full of cock, and it was a Good Morning! Once I had finished showering him with my spit from balls to helmet and licking him dry again I was ready for a ride. Although my hubby was not quite awake, his cock was and it slipped in to my warm pussy to await a pounding.

Sex first thing in morning is kinky and horny, your mind is still dreamy and can easily slip into your porno fantasies; mine featured me, dirty as a mechanic, in a gang bang with a couple of women wearing strap-ons who fucked me hard and drank my cum. I whispered all the dirty details to my husband while I rode him his cock deeply until my sticky organism juices gushed down his nuts and my pussy squeezed his dick hard enough to fill me with his cum. I fell asleep again only to be woken up a few hours later by my hubby who thought he should return the favour and he fuck my sloppy cunt once more before breakfast.