College Girl’s Glasses Are Cum Covered

Chang is a good girl who is at home doing her homework when she's approached by her horny boyfriend. She initially refuses him but then he finally talks her into having sex when he starts licking her pussy. The homework is all but forgotten as Chang is taken right to heaven. After awhile of licking and fingering her, he feeds her his big need down her throat. Chang bobs her head up and down on his king sized boner and they're both ready to fuck. So she straddles on top of him and gets some hot friction inside her slick pussy for awhile. He stuffs her little cunt full of dick until he finally shoots his load all over her glasses.

A Royal Sybian Ride

Hi from Sabrina Deep, cherry poppers! I just came back from New York where i attended The Howard Stern Show as a special guest, i had a royal sybian ride and i was crowned Quenn of Bukkake! I don't know if my sybian ride was royal, but i definetely got off so intensively that i am seriously thinking to buy one of those infernal machines lol. Anyway, all together it was a great experience and i have to thank you all for making this possible; therefore i thought i would share a few picture that we shot right before and after the show. More very juicy stuff from my trip to New York can be found on my site, of course. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE QUEEN OF BUKKAKE WEBSITE.

Sabrina Deep Meets Howard Stern

outdoor exhibitionist Mark your calendars: On Thursday June 25, 2009 at 8:30 am EDT, The King of All Media will host the Queen of Bukkake! Yes, Howard Stern will interview and be titillated by Sabrina Deep, the sultry sex goddess with full, natural DD breasts. Currently in the middle of her second World Bukkake Tour (traveling the globe partying with her fans and savoring their cum) Sabrina is taking a break to visit with Howard live on Sirius Satellite Radio.

I am very, very excited to be on the Howard Stern Show, says Sabrina. In doing so, I am privileged to be joining the ranks of past guests Jenna Jameson, Mary Carey and Kendra Jade. Like them, I will not be just another porn star appearing on the show. I will do whatever it takes to rock Howards world , and that of his listeners!

The two-time winner of the fan-voted Booble Girl of the Month award, Sabrina Deep is one of the porn industrys gems. Unlike most adult stars who keep their admirers at bay, I fuck my fans, she says. I like working with real people on camera, and having authentic sex with people who are hot to be with me. This is why Sabrina is currently holding bukkake parties around the world; parties that her fans can attend and take part in for free!

Make no mistake: When it comes to sex with multiple partners, Sabrina Deep has the stamina to finish the job. On September 8, 2007 she had sex with 77 men during an eight-hour webcast held in London, England. Unlike other gangbang girls who quit early, I had a great time, she says. I did not even use lube to go the distance. I guess I just love my work.


Nature Girl at Heart

outdoor exhibitionist Of course I love getting naked! But Im also a nature girl, and one of my favorite things is being in the great outdoors. So what would be the best way for me to combine those two things into one thing that I really love? Well, I guess that would be me getting naked in the great outdoors! And I don't care where--for me, stripping nude and laying in the sun in a gorgeous, sunlit clearing in a pine forest is awesome and erotic and can turn me on even if Im all alone, but Im also happy to walk down a crowded street and give passersby an eyeful by lifting my skirt and showing them that Im not wearing panties today, or pulling up my shirt and letting a horny guy see my naturally big tits!

Maybe for a future photo and video shoot, I and a lucky fan could go out on a nice secluded beach in the warm sunshine, and maybe we could relax for a bit with some wine or champagne. And then when hes ready I could ease down and start sucking on his nipples and playing with his cock and getting him all excited until I go even farther and take that stiff dick in my mouth and go ALL the way down untill my nose is touching his belly! I could work and suck that hot hard cock right there while the warm sun is shining down on my naked body and the waves are crashing on the beach, until my lucky, horny fan cant take it any more and he turns me over and pushes that big dick past my swollen pussy lips and sinks it in all the way, and we could fuck and fuck until we both cum together...And now I made myself all hot and wet like I usually do! But dont you think you would like that special outdoor party? Now I think I need to go for a walk! Maybe I'll see you...TTYL! Sabxoxoxo


Extreme Cumshots

cumshot pictures In the biz they call it the "money shot"--thats when the horny guy just cant hold back anymore and he cums! It might be anywhere--he can cum in my mouth, on my face, on my tits, maybe inside or on my pussy or even my ass! I love the cumshot, because when that time comes, er, cums, then I know I have done my job and taken care of that hard cock like Im supposed to. I always try to work that dick and time everything so the camera can get the money shot, because I know my fans love it, I know the guy Im fucking loves it, and lets face it, I definitely love it! As you can tell from this picture from my collection, these two excited cocks loved it, too!

Do you like the way my face looks in the picture, and cant you tell that Im surely satisfied with my work? I hope so, because I aim to please my fans, not only the ones I get to fuck and bring to their own "money shot" but also the ones I havent fucked (YET!), and maybe this means you! And trust me, lover, if I havent fucked you yet, I plan to! I think my favorite kind of cumshot is when Im sucking like crazy on a fans thick cock with a nice big swollen head, and he gets more and more excited, and I keep going, going, a little more, and then, SPLOOSH! he pulls his cock out of my mouth and the head makes a little "pop" noise when it passes my lips from the suction, and be shoots a warm salty load all over my face, especially my lips! Yeah, that kind of cumshot is my favorite, because my fan leaves happy, I leave happy, and I can put the picture up on my site and make all my other fans happy, too. Hopefully soon, I will be able to give you your own hot, salty money shot! Hugs and kisses, lover! Sabrina


Fucking on Location

amateur hardcore fucking One of the most exciting things about my career is that it takes me all over the place, and I get to meet fans from everywhere and get personal with them, maybe get to know them a little bit or even a lot. And then I get to fuck them silly! I love fucking so many different guys (and girls) in so many varied locations, anywhere from private parties in bars and clubs, to offices in high-rise buildings, to outdoor locations abroad and here in London. Im takin my pussy worldwide, baby!

one of my very hot hardcore shoots was this one, located in a real-life bakery in Italy. Something about the sights and sounds inside this place while the crew was setting up to shoot, and all the wonderful smells, coupled with knowing that soon I was going to be sucking on a young studs big hard cock, and fucking him inside this great little bakery, made me so hot and so wet that I knew it wouldnt be too long before I had my first trembling orgasm! And I was right! The action went from mild, with a little heavy petting and kissing and him warming up my pussy and making me all wet, to WILD, when he slipped that dickhead into me and drove it balls-deep! I think the sight of me covered in bakers flour while being totally naked really got him excited, because when he came he shot off like a fountain! Job well done, Sabrina! Well, I just wanted to let you in on these thoughts, and I hope you like the sample pic. Be good to each other! Kisses, Sab xoxoxo


Such a Horny Cumslut

horny cumslut cumslut If you know anything about me, then one thing you are probably aware of is that I love my fans, and I love to fuck, and yes, thats right, I love to fuck my fans! Im such a naughty little cumslut and most of the time, all I can think about is fucking. I cant get enough hot cum shot all over me. I even like it in my hair! I know that makes you hot, and it certainly makes me hot too. One thing I like a lot is to be sucking a fans dick and then having him pop it out of my mouth and finishing him off with a really firm tight grip and feeling his cock spasming in my hand while he cums!

I will be honest with you, I have always known that Im a hottie, and so Ive always known that lots of guys...and girls...want to fuck me. But what some most people dont know by looking at me is that I want to fuck them too--and that includes you! If you wanna give your cum to me, then I want to take it, because hey, it makes me happy and you, too! You probably aready know that there is a place in the members area of my website where you can chat with me and let me know if you want to be a part of one of my naughty bukkake parties or even set up a new one in your area, so if you are a member please dont be shy, let me know you have something that I want, and I will do my best to give you something that YOU want! Gotta run for now, but I really hope to be seeing you soon! H and K, Sab xoxoxo


I Want to Deep-throat You

intense deepthroat Im a deepthroating cocksucker from way back, guys! All of my fans know that Im a horny babe who genuinely loves cock, and that means all kinds and types of cock. I get off on the feeling of having a part of a fans body in my mouth, and as you alread know, I even enjoy taking a big thick cock so far down my throat that I have to gag on it. After one of my bukkake parties or gangbangs, I suck and deepthroat so much big cock that my jaw muscles will be sore for days! But does that stop me? Absolutely not!

I know that lots of girls dont (or say they dont) like to give head, or especially deepthroat. I cant understand it, but its probably only because they know how much you like it! LOL! But as a fan you can rest assured that you can have the chance to let me take your big cock in my mouth--WAY in, ALL THE WAY in, as deep as you like it! After all, I'm not called Sabrina Deep for nothing! Well, I guess I had better let that be it for today, because its late and Im kinda bushed, and you need to get busy checking out some of my hot deepthroating content, right? Enjoy your day, and remember--I'll be thinking of you...and your cock! Peace, lovers!


Pussy and Me

lesbian hardcore Tonight I feel like maybe I should let you in on some of my thoughts on something besides your cock--you already should be aware of that! LOL. Know what else I like too? PUSSY! Sure, guys and girls (mmmmm), I know a hottie when I see her, and just like you guys, when I see a tight-bodied babe or a hot, curvy MILF or a sexy coed blonde, or any fine assed babe really, I want to fuck her just like you do! And it is always especially nice to find a sexy little chick who is into me-and my cunt-and who knows how to use her fingers and her tongue and her favorite toys to make me cum!

If any of you are horny chicks, and I know some of you are, and if you think you might like to set something up at some point, either to find out what I can teach you or because you think you can teach me a thing or two, you better not be shy! Let me know about it! Talk dirty to me, and let me tell you how much I would like to have my naughty mouth between those sweet thighs of yours! I bet I can make you cum before you can make me...Do you think you have what it takes, girls? Sleep tight, lovers! Sabrina


Super Hardcore Bukkake Party

hardcore amateur bukkake I'll tell you what, I really have a "taste" for bukkake! Sure, if you have been a fan of mine for very long then you definitely know just what bukkake is, but if you are new to my site or to porn in general I'll tell you whats up with it. "Bukkake" is a from a Japanese word, and in it's simplest form it means "splash". Let me tell you, at the bukkake parties (which you are all invited to participate it!) that I throw, I get "splash"ed like crazy! I get hosed down with so much cum, it practically covers me from head to toe!

Lately, bukkake has also come (cum, lol) to mean when a bunch of you horny guys all cum into a container like a bowl or a cup, and why do you do that, you ask? So I can drink it and yes, I DO swallow every hot salty drop! I know that turns some of you on so freaking much! I love to swallow everything you naughty boys have to give to me! What all of you horny fans of mine should keep in mind is that each and every one of you is invited to my bukkake parties and gangbangs. The participants are not paid performers, they are all normal everyday people just like you and me, and you can go to one of my parties and fuck me just like you want to! Imagine your friends' faces if you were to invite them over to your house one nite to "watch a movie" and the movie turns out to be a film of you and a bunch of other guys shooting your hot loads all over my face! Think about THAT, naughty boys! Sweet dreamz! Sabrina xoxoxo


Forced To Swallow Cum!

hot cum swallower I have to admit that sometimes i like my fuck sessions to involve something a little bit different, like forced cum swallowing. Sometimes, I will act or pretend or try to give off a "vibe" that today I might not actually want to swallow a huge load of cum (hey, if you ate a big lunch you might want to let it digest too, rite?), but my partner might be so excited and horny that he just cant control himself and he THINKS that he is forcing me to swallow anyway (and secretly, this turns me on and makes me so hot and wet...but dont tell him that)! So what actually happens is that when hes trying to make me open wide and guzzle down his hot thick cum, I will act like I dont wanna swallow, even though in my heart I cant wait!

Can you see in the sample picture from my collection the way this fan is forcing my mouth open so his big waiting dick can fire a salty load right down my throat? I knew that this was what he wanted, but I wanted to excite him a little more, so I kinda acted like I didnt want to. I knew that would make him try to force me to, and he did! And he was getting more and more excited as he felt that fire in his balls that meant he was about to blow, and when he got more excited it made me even hotter and so wet I was actually dripping! When I finally opened up for him and he blew, it was like I had a fire hose spraying in my mouth! And do you know what happened then? He left the shoot so spent he could barely walk, and I left the shoot satisfied that I had made another fans dick a happy camper! Sleep on that one, guys! Kisses, Sabxoxoxo


Why Are Facials So Hot?

amateur cum facial This morning I was sitting in my favorite little coffeeshop right down the avenue from my home talking to my friend Leslie, and we weren't really even talking about the porn biz when out of the blue she asked me "Sab, why do you seem to like it when a know...does IT in your face?" That immediately gave me the foundation for todays blog for my loyal fans: WHY ARE FACIALS SO HOT? Simple answer: Because its so naughty! You know how much I love cock and also how much I love pussy, and now Im telling you that my third favorite thing is having a big hot load of a lucky fans cum sprayed right in my face! My mouth is good too, especially when most of it goes down my throat but a little hits me on the lips and nose, but a full-on facial load is even better.

At any shoot or at any party where I get the honor of fucking my fans and taking their cum, I always hope that everyone wants to fire off in my face. Dont get me wrong, guys, I love your cum anywhere on me or in me and I hope you know that by now!:-) But I love it best when you hold back and hold back until you just cant hold back anymore, and you aim your stiff cannon right at my kisser and cover my face and even my eyelids with your baby-juice! Ha, Ha, I heard that today for the first time from my friend and I told her I would use it on our blog (mine and yours) and see what you thought about it! But anyway, yes fellas, when I finally get the opportunity to fuck you, and yes, I mean YOU, if you dont mind, would you shoot that load in my face? If you want to make me the happiest, horniest girl on Earth, just say YES! Be good, and dream of me! Sabrina


I Want Interracial!

hot interracial threeway I realized earlier today that it has been over three weeks since I have been involved in any hot hardcore interracial sex, and I'm starting to miss it! Its not the thing about how people say that black guys have so much bigger dicks, because believe me, I have seen some enormous white cocks in addition to some enormous black ones, but its like Ive said before--its something about the contrast between my creamy white skin and a black guys dark ebony skin that turns me on. You know how some people like yellow gold, and some people like white gold, but some people wont wear any kind of jewelry, rings or whatever, that isnt yellow gold mixed with white, because each color sets off the other one? Its like that with me, only skin instead of jewelry.

Suppose Im straddling a hot hardbodied black dude and hes pounding that cock into me. When I look down and see that dark skin on his dick sliding into me, and I see the way that my lighter skin kinda sets his darker skin off, and vice versa, it makes me so fucking hot and even hornier than I was to begin with! Sometimes that can make me cum all over his dick right then! Do any of my female fans feel the same way? How about my black male fans, do you like that too? You know, if you are a member of my site you can always chat me up and let me know what your feelings are about it, and you can tell me how much you like it when I bounce up and down on a big black dick! Talk to me, folks, and you better make it DIRTY! Have a naughty night! sabxoxoxo


Lets Swap Cum

lesbian cumswap One of the best things about being bi (or lesbian, if you prefer, naughty boy!) is that when me and my female fan or my girlfriend are having a hot threeway or fourway (or more-way) and the guy, or at least one of them, cums, if I can catch that hot jizz in my mouth then I can really turn everyone one by swapping or spitting that hot load into my girlfriends mouth while the rest of them watch. It never fails to make everyone even hotter than they already are!

I dont know who the first chick was who tried swapping cum with her girlfriend, but she must have been a sexual genius, because it is probably the only thing that can make you that hot and horny! Its like an after-orgasm dessert! I dont know why, but the sight of two hot naked babes having a sexy, sensual cumswap turns the guys on in an incredible way, and its making me hot right now telling you about it. I think after I finish this post I am going to have to call up one of my girlfriends or find a willing fan, then call up one of my male friends or find another willing fan, and we are going to have to get a little something going on, because right now all I can picture in my head is a sexy hottie with a mouthful of salty cum, and she wants to give me a kiss...;-) Sabrina


Drilled Cunt

drilled cunt Hi boys! I just came back from New York, where my date from my World Bukkake Tour turned into a wild and sticky gangbang. Fourteen horny bulls used my holes as they pleased and they didn't spare a thing. I found myself lost in a vortex of lust for more than two hours with cocks and hands and tongues using every cm of my shivering body.

I ended up taking double penetration, double vaginal penetration and a lot of ass punding and all with a twist. The guys kept coming inside my holes and passing the witness to the next one who kept fucking my holes filled with cum and cumming more inside me and so on. In the video you can see me squirting sperm from my ass and pussy while they get fucked and the result is as horny as when i was doing it eheheh Well, enjoy the video and until the next time.